Books: Heroes for Hire: Books 4-6

This set includes the books:

Rhodes’s Reward
Flynn’s Firecracker
Logan’s Light

The blurbs for each are below. 

Even when evil lurks in the shadows, second chances are possible... 

Years ago, Rhodes knew Sienna as a young, gawky girl who was all elbows and carrot-colored hair without an ounce of grace. Despite her clumsiness, she'd had something special about her even then. Now she's all grown up, and Rhodes still can't seem to ignore her. One glimpse has him thinking about a lot more than old times. But, sweet and lovable as she is, Sienna has rightly been called a trouble magnet--even while inside a military- secure compound that should be the ultimate safe haven.

Sienna had an epic-sized crush on Rhodes when she was a kid and he was her brother's best friend. Now he's a grown man, hunky and hotter than her wildest fantasies could have imagined. New to the job at Levi's company, Legendary Securities, she doesn't want to jeopardize her position by spending all her time daydreaming about Rhodes so close to her now and yet still so far away. 

When she's asked to help on a mission, she eagerly agrees, hoping to score some points with her employer…except she inadvertently triggers a sequence of disastrous events that no one--even one familiar with Sienna's klutziness the way Rhodes is--could have predicted. 

Some jobs are a breeze, others are a bitch…

As a trial run that could potentially lead to more work, Flynn agrees to do a security operation for Levi at Legendary Securities. Looking after Anna and her animal shelter should be the easiest job he's ever taken. He doesn't expect the trouble to start when he leaves, job done, and realizes he never wants to leave Anna again.

For Anna, having Flynn around was both a blessing and a curse. She'd enjoyed the help around the extremely large shelter…but every moment they spent together had sparks of wildfire ricocheting between them. Even as she tries to convince herself she's relieved to finally see the (albeit sexy) back of him, he's monopolizing her thoughts again long before she stumbles over the dead body. 

Someone is after Flynn, someone who saw Anna and Flynn together, saw the red-hot attraction…and now knows exactly how to get what he wants from his target. 

Logan heads to Boston on an intelligence reconnaissance mission for Legendary Securities. His investigation plunges him--and the inadvertent partner he picks up along the way--into the dark, chilling world of human trafficking. 

The last thing Alina remembers was having coffee at the hospital cafe where she's employed. Awakening in a strange apartment, she finds herself tied up. Until Logan appeared, seemingly out of nowhere, and rescued her, she'd feared life as she'd known it was over. 

The traffickers have a quota and letting even one potential moneymaker go isn't in the cards. Alina is far from the only victim. On the run together, Logan and Alina race against time, no longer certain who's the hunted and who's the prey in the sordid, heartbreaking underworld they've descended into.
Heroes for Hire: Books 4-6
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