Books: You, Yourself and Aviation

The first title in our Padpilot Foundation Course.
You, Yourself and Aviation has 4 aims:
1 - To help you to understand the various options available if your want a career as a professional pilot.
2 - To help you to understand the realities of each type of career.
3 - To help you to discover whether professional aviation is right for you and whether you are right for professional aviation.
4 - To help you to choose the right pathway to becoming a professional pilot.
This is the most critical of the three books comprising the Foundation Course. 
There are many individuals who are attracted to the idea of life as a professional pilot but have no idea what the realities of this type of career are. In truth, learning to be a professional pilot is very hard work. 
There are intense periods of theoretical study, combined with very demanding, stressful practical flying training. During your training and throughout your professional career your every action is under constant scrutiny.
Finally, please don’t ignore the strong advice we give to spend money on a trial lesson.
Flying in a small aircraft is not at all like flying as a passenger in a large commercial aeroplane. Some people really don’t like it. It’s best to find that out before you go to the trouble and expense of flying training.
You, Yourself and Aviation
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